Which Web Hosting Is Best Linux Or Windows?

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Which Web Hosting Is Best Linux Or Windows?

Linux & Windows Hosting

Are you wondering about which web hosting is best Linux or Windows? There are many web hosting service providers available for their services. But most of them run with two operating systems Linux & Windows. Linux web hosting runs over Apache Web Server and Windows web hosting uses the IIS (Internet Information Services). But the query for beginners is which web hosting is the best Linux or Windows for the website? And the simple answer is Linux web hosting is best and more than 80% of websites are hosted over Linux web hosting. But why does Linux web hosting is best and which web hosting provider is best with Linux web hosting service?

An Introduction of Windows Hosting

Windows is much popular for the users, most of you have heard about the Windows OS over PC, Laptop, or Smartphones. But the operating system is also available on the server. Windows Server is much advanced when it gets compared to Linux hosting. However, due to not being an open-source platform in the server hence you have to pay to purchase a license. Usually, the Windows web hosting is picked by the business website owner because it comes up with all access to the Microsoft products.

An Introduction of Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting widely used by the people, most of them are beginners with their website. The free open-source system it means it is not going to cost you the licensing fee. Even the Linux web hosting service provider uses all features and that makes them offer you hosting for cheap compared to Windows Hosting. But on technical terms, this hosting is less obtainable. So, if you want to do some changes technically then you need to have plenty of knowledge. Or you can substitute your task by hiring an expert. Linux server does have features which most likely web designer look in a web hosting.

Windows Web Hosting Features

Windows & Linux Features

There is some sort of features that you may miss on Linux web hosting but the Windows server offers you. Let’s take a look at the Features of Windows Web Hosting.

  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Classic .ASP & .NET
  • Plesk Control Panel

These are the highlight features that you will get encountered with Windows Hosting. With Windows Server, you will be going to have some good and business benefit features.

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Linux Web Hosting Features

Despite being popular among users for affordable pricing and open-source platform. There are some more features that you need to know before making a purchase of Linux-based Web Hosting. Here are some important features of Linux Web Server.

  • Apache Server
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Python & Perl
  • Node.JS
  • PHP
  • cPanel As Control Panel

These are the important features that you need to know. The best thing about Linux hosting the Control Panel which is widely used by many website owners even many web hosting providers recommend this panel.

What Makes the Difference Between Windows & Linux Web Hosting?

There are some features and things that make difference between Windows & Linux Server. As we have mentioned features above there are some points that make a difference and important for your website too.

  1. Operating System itself is a difference where Windows comes up with all products of Microsoft and Linux is an open-source platform where you can barely use Microsoft products for free.
  2. The purpose makes the difference Where Windows hosting is recommended for the business or eCommerce website. On the other hand, Linux is preferred for the beginner’s website.
  3. Control Panel is the required feature for any web hosting, where Windows you get Plesk cPanel and Linux offers the cPanel that is highly used by the website owners.
  4. Pricing makes a big impact on your pocket, Windows Server is quite costly as it starts from $5 and Linux Server is cheaper and starts from $1 which is really affordable for beginners.

Final Verdict – Which Web Hosting is Best Linux or Windows?

Both OS on web hosting are work awesome, you can pick any of them. Where Windows comes up with all the Microsoft products because you have to buy a license separately. And Linux web hosting comes up with affordable pricing along with Apache Server to use the scripts & languages. If you want to have a web hosting for your business website then you can opt the Windows web hosting because MS product makes more sense for your venture. If you are a beginner and want to start a static website with moderate blog updation then Linux Hosting is for you.

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