What is Domain Name & Domain Extension?

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What is Domain Name & Domain Extension?

Domain Name & Domain Extension

A website dedicated to a specific name and domain extension is a domain name. Giving you the easiest example Google.Com, where Google is the name and the .com is the domain extension. The name and the domain extension end up being the domain name.

Now, the obvious question is does the domain name and domain extension can affect your business? Or how much domain name does matter in business success? Along with how one can pick the right domain name before starting a website? All these questions are important for your business and here are answers so let’s start with it.

How Domain Name can Affect a Business?

Domain Name can affect your business positively and adversely too. So how does this could happen that the hard work of all digital team can still be underrated with a bad pick of the domain name?

Well, when you were about to start a website or thinking to purchase a domain name then you need to use your common sense and a tight grip on a particular business. Domain name solely can drive you a large number of businesses. A misleading domain name or irrelevant domain from your business can be the biggest drawback. Because it takes too long to mark an impact on the user, even on the search engine this can be the trouble for your business. So do your own research, get suggestions from surroundings, and think about the domain name before purchasing it.

How Choose Domain Name?

A domain name can be the boon and bane of your business website. So before booking a domain name if you do follow a few tips mentioned below then your business will grow from day one. Tips to choose a domain name

  1. Choose the domain name which easy to spell or remember
  2. Pick the shorter name
  3. While booking domain target your business by mentioning closely related keywords to your business
  4. Avoid adding numbers and hyphens
  5. The geographic domain where mentioning special region could be good (if Required)
  6. Choose the right Domain Extension

These few but crucial points if followed by you while selecting the domain name then you have half of customer or visitor to your website.

How to Choose Domain Extension?

Choosing a domain extension can be tricky for you if you are a beginner. So how to choose a domain extension that straight hits positive towards your business. You need to know a few important things before booking a domain name with the right extension. let’s take a look

  • A region that you are targetting your audience
  • What is the niche of your website
  • Is your website required government approval?
  • Choose from TLD’s
  • Consult with any SEO expert

These things you need to look at before selecting an extension for your website. If you fo follow these important points then you will end up having a meaningful and complete domain name.

What is Top Level Domain (TLD’s) Extension?

Top-Level Domain alias TLD is preferred domain extension over the internet by domain name service provider. If you are thinking to target specific country then you can end up having the country code targeted domain extension. But besides of the country code targeted extensions what are the more extension and what they used for.

  • .Com – Among all TLD’s this is highly recommended and highly used by the people over the time. This extension stands for commercial sites.
  • .Net – At the very starting this domain extension was used for networking websites. Over the passing time this extension becomes the primary pick after the .com extension even it uses as the alternative very often.
  • .Org – This extension now becomes familiar for nonprofit organizations, but don’t ever go with this extension for your business domain.
  • .Info – The extension expresses itself, it stands for the information. If your website based full of information then you can opt for this one.
  • .Edu – Educational purpose site prefer to use this extension because it aggressively shows the purpose of the domain name.
  • .Biz – Business purpose sites mostly use this extension nowadays. If you missed the .Com domain then you can pick this extension for your business website.
  • .Gov – Government issued website uses this extension very often.

These are the TLD’s that you can buy a domain name with, but make sure you have followed the steps before choosing the domain name. So here we are wrapping up now, if there is any suggestion you have do comment.

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