What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

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What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?


Web hosting is a necessity for every website and bandwidth is one of the Important parts of it. But the question is What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting? Here is the simple answer,

When the visitor request in search bar to open a website and the data website deliver to particular user in specific time is Bandwidth.

This is the simplified term of bandwidth in Web Hosting. Now the question is what is the limit of and quality of bandwidth and how does this can affect the website performance? All these queries needed to be answered, so here you will be going to get them all.

How Bandwidth Can Affect a Website?

As above mentioned that the data delivered by the website at a specific time is bandwidth and that can improve or degrade the user experience. Just take an example that if your website has 100GB Bandwidth which is itself a huge amount. But you did start getting a large number of users over your website every day. Along with this, you upload & download heavy files and media very frequently on your website. After a certain period, your site consumed the provided bandwidth by the web hosting provider, which is rarely possible. Then your website performance can be affected.

Usually, those websites that get a large number of users and download upload the files choose the dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting offers unlimited bandwidth. But there is a myth that a web hosting plan offers unlimited Bandwidth.

You can also take the trial from the different Webhosting service provider companies. Webhosting price is also available in a budget which is useful for you to set up a website.

What is Unlimited Bandwidth in Web Hosting Does it Exist?

Unlimited Bandwidth is impossible in technical terms for any hosting provider to offer. Unlimited Bandwidth is a basic strategy to earn more and more buyers of web hosting services. Because there will be a limit to every hosting plan to offer you the bandwidth. Many popular companies such as GoDaddy have disclosed that they offer unmetered bandwidth and you can store the files and media till your usage complies with their hosting agreement. And the hosting agreement where you will get to know everything.

But unlimited bandwidth is not bad because as I said above rarely a website consumes all bandwidth. A website can consume the 8GB to 10GB monthly bandwidth which is even rare. So, you don’t need to be panic while choosing a web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

To run a website, you should have a valid domain name and domain extension that can recognize your website.

How to Check or Calculate Usage of Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

Qualities of Bandwidth

After getting known to almost everything now you must be looking for an answer that how can I check the usage of Bandwidth. Well, is way simpler than knowing about the bandwidth. So let’s take a look at the simple steps to know the monthly usage of the bandwidth of your website.

  1. Login to the hosting service provider website.
  2. Find the cPanel access through web hosting service provider, you can log in directly if you have the login of cPanel.
  3. Once you opened the cPanel, then find the Metrics section
  4. Under the Metrics section click on the Bandwidth toggle.
  5. Then you will be asked to choose the domain with HTTPS or without.
  6. After selecting the preferred option, you will be displayed the monthly data.

These are the simple steps to know how much your website consuming bandwidth. You will be going to have the bandwidth information back from 1 year to the current month.

How Much Bandwidth Your Website Required?

Okay, this is an obvious and very important question for you. Before starting any website you need to identify how many users can be hit by your website? Or what is the type of your website? Well, if you are starting your static website then any beginner plan of BlueHost or HostGatorĀ company. Also the cost of web hosting plans of these companies is very affordable.

if you want to start an eCommerce website then VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting will be fine for you. But in my opinion, I will recommend you to go with the starting plan for BlueHost or HostGator. Because there are rare possibilities for small businesses to exceed the limit.

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How to Know Website Bandwidth Exceeded?

Tips to exceed Bandwidth

Okay, how you will get to know once your website exceeded the limits. You don’t need to know that you have exceeded the limit or not, the web hosting service provider will mail you once you crossed your bandwidth limit. As I keep mentioning that there are bare chances for the startup venture to consume the provided unmetered or unlimited bandwidth.

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