What Are the Benefits of Hostinger WordPress Hosting?

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What Are the Benefits of Hostinger WordPress Hosting?

Benefits Of Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger is one of the cheapest yet best web hosting service providers around the globe. But the question is, there WordPress Hosting is good enough to give your website a decent start? Well, this question is quite normal for the newbies. Don’t worry here I am with the all clear that you need to know about the benefits of Hostinger WordPress Web Hosting.

Why you need WordPress hosting?

If you are here that means you already know what is web hosting then you might be aware of that there are different types of Hosting. Everyone goes for WordPress hosting. So why is that so? I’ll tell you why WordPress is one of the most demanding and strong content management system (CMS). The software provides free download and use and to have full utilization of it we need WordPress hosting. it optimized the performance of WordPress and security needs.

Is Hostinger good for Hosting?

Qualities of Hostinger WP Hosting

Hostinger is a popular web host that has a large number of customer services. Currently, Hostinger working with 29million clients this shows that it provides good service and performance. It provides hosting at affordable prices with modish and advanced features or uptime services. There are many companies in the market which provides web hosting services.

Is Hostinger WordPress good for Websites?

Hostinger is the most recommended choice for both experienced WordPress developers and newcomers. It gives fast speed and well-educated customer support. There are four major factors that Hostinger is good for WordPress:

  • Optimized They diligently come up with the WordPress codebase and great knowledge of all the nuts and bolts of the world-class CMS. Their great set of features manages websites easily. They also make sure 99.99% uptime and also have pre-installed cache plugins.
  • Secured They take care of every single WordPress website individually from malware and threats. Hostinger makes sure the safety of your WordPress website.
  • Speed Hostinger uses the latest version of PHP and HTTP/2 or lite speed web server. Lite speed server has an LS cache plugin that optimizes WordPress site to work on high performance. While doing WordPress hosting speed matters a lot.
  • Developer friendly with Hostinger you can modify your files from time to time. Their WordPress hosting allows developers to have consistency website management experience. They provide SSH access, GIT, WP-CLI, SFTP, phpMyAdmin a good environment, and multiple PHP versions.
  • Migration Hostinger provides migration tools through which we can move our WordPress website from another host.

Is WordPress free with Hostinger?

Hostinger Free WordPress Hosting

Hostinger does provide WordPress free and also gives free web hosting but there are some specifics things available in their free plans. They also provide several plans at an affordable price. Let’s have a look at their pricing plans.

Free WordPress hosting Single WordPress hosting Premium WordPress hosting Business WordPress hosting

·        1 Website

·        300 MB Disk Space

·        Bandwidth (3 GB)

·        No Daily Automated Backups

·        No Jetpack Free



·        Unlimited  Websites

·        20 GB Disk Space

·        Unlimited Bandwidth

·        Weekly Automated Backups

·        Jetpack Free



·        Unlimited  Websites

·        40 GB Disk Space

·        Unlimited Bandwidth

·        Daily Automated Backups

·        Jetpack Personal



·        Unlimited  Websites

·        80 GB Disk Space

·        Unlimited Bandwidth

·        Daily Automated Backups

·        Jetpack Premium


Hostinger review for WordPress features

Hostinger provides several plans and offers like shared. Cloud, virtual private service (VPS), and dedicated plans and you can also choose WordPress specified plans all these plans come at an affordable price. They also provide a choice between a single premium and a business plan. Business plans are mostly chosen by the users of woo-commerce. If you are thinking to take a shared plan to set up your website Hostinger provides you some basic features;

  • 24/7 WordPress support in 20 and more different languages.
  • It provides One-click WordPress installation
  • It gives free domain name
  • Enhanced security features, such as daily backups and a free SSL certificate
  • Practically unlimited bandwidth.

So now it is pretty clear that Holsinger’s shared WordPress plans give you solid features at affordable prices. The rest of the things you will know by knowing about their support system.

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Support system

Customer support is one of the most important things after seeing all the aspects. All these are technical things and we do get stuck in it and having a direct line of all your questions is really helpful. Hostinger provides a 24/7 support system you can either call them or text them they respond very well and within time.


Hostinger gives you successive performance features;

  • They provide you, custom-built cache manager.
  • They ensure 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • They use solid-state drive (SSD) hardware.
  • Hostinger gives public information on the act of its server.

To prevent your website from a low bounce rate these performance features are really useful.

Overall pros and cons of Hostinger


  1. Gives you affordable shared hosting plans.
  2. They provide you a free domain name with one click WordPress software installation
  3. They publicly display their server status.


  1. Sometimes they do not respond by the time.
  2. They do not use c-panel.

Conclusion – Benefits of Hostinger WordPress Hosting

There are so many benefits of Hostinger WordPress hosting as we have seen now. It is a great choice for both experienced and newcomers. They give you enhanced performance with speed also they have a good support system. So, the answer to the question of will it is good to be good for my website? Yes, it will be good for your website.

What is the difference between hosting and WordPress hosting?
Web Hosting WordPress hosting
Hosting is a service that permits companies and individuals to launch a website or web page on the internet. Your IP address then connects to their server and your web pages will be transferred to them through the search engine. In WordPress hosting, hosting has been optimized to meet a better act of WordPress and security needs.it involves a one-click WordPress installation to make work easy with WordPress.

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