How to Disable Comments in WordPress?

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How to Disable Comments in WordPress?

Disable Comment In WordPress

Comments on your post or page are the common yet best thing for your website. But you need to be sure that the comments you are receiving are genuine or spam. Through my experience, I would recommend you to disable your Comment option on the WordPress site. Because people are there to get profit through you anyhow. And yes you can turn off the discussion box for your visitor till the time you didn’t start getting traffic as a genuine user. So the question is How to Disable Comments in WordPress Website? We are going to discuss this further with the easiest steps.

Turn Off Comments with the Use of Plugin

WordPress Comment

Turning off the comments with the plugin is the easiest task. With the plugin you can turn off the comments on almost every single page, this can make your task easier. let’s take a look at the steps.

  1. Log in to your website through WP Admin
  2. Go to the Plugins & Click on Add New
  3. Then type Disable Comments on the right side search bar
  4. You will get to see the plugin Disable Comments by WPDeveloper
  5. Install and Activate the Plugin
  6. Then Go to The Settings and open the Disable Comments
  7. There you will get to see the option to Disable comments everywhere or only on Posts & Pages

These small steps will help you to disable your comments or discussion section in your WordPress Website. This is the best that you can do with the use of a plugin to disable.

Disable Comments On Future Posts

If you think that you have enough comments over your website and don’t want to delete previous but disable comments on future posts. Then you can do this with really easy steps. What you need to do just follow the instruction shown below.

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Hover your cursor over Settings then open Discussion
  3. Then you will get to see many options to check and uncheck
  4. Just Uncheck the “Allow people to post comments on New articles
  5. And click on Save Button

Disable Comments On Particular Post

One of the easiest ways to turn off commenting over a particular post or page. Usually, pages don’t accept comments by default. But, if you have allowed or mistakenly granted previously then you can disable easily.

  1. Again Go to Your Dashboard
  2. Open Posts or Pages list wherever you want to disable
  3. Hover on the Post or Page on that you want to disable the comments
  4. Do Click on Quick Edits
  5. On the Right Side, you will get to see the “Allow Comments” Uncheck the line

Why Do You Need to Disable Comments?

WordPress Spam Comment

I am pretty much sure that you get to know now how to disable comments on the WordPress site. But why you need to do this disabling task? Well, there is the only problem that you may be facing and that is Spam Comments. There are some peoples who want to just get a link from your website anyhow, that’s why they do spam work. But the question is, is there any way that you can keep enabled the comments and don’t approve the spam one? Well, the short answer is YES.


The only plugin which is popular and best for dealing with spam comments that might be your big problem. Akismet built and developed by the WordPress team, that’s why it comes up with the default installation of WordPress. The plugin works in that way to identify each and every comment though if it is spam they straightaway disapprove of the comment.

Wrapping Up

This task is easiest when you know how to do it. Above mentioned ways and steps are really easy to help you in disabling comments over your WordPress Website. It is your choice what you want to do over your website. I would like to suggest you keep the comments section off till you start getting organic traffic. This will save you time and reduce your data storage usage.

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